Monday, August 16, 2010

Packages and Prices


Training Class Packages

6 weeks for $75.00

To start classes you must first attend a human only registration class please call to set up you classes today 385-0939

**Prices and times are subject to change
For class times call Torrey 507-382-8716

Day Camp Packages
Hours 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Packages are effective for one month Example( August 1 to August 31)
No Refunds - No Carry over's Every dog must have a package or pay single day rate

Half Day's available from 6:45am to 12 (noon) or 12(noon) to 5:30pm

*Prices listed include tax

Single Day Rate $ 25.00

4 Days per month $ 85.00

8 Days per month $152.00

12 Days per month $210.00

Unlimited Month $ 281.00

*Payment is due on first visit of each month

**Prices are subject to change

New to Day Camp?
First thing you must set up a trial day this is for us and your dog/puppy to adjust to the employees and the other dogs and for us to see your dog/puppies need while they are with us. After all goes will with trial day you may pick you package for the month.

Grooming Prices
Grooming rates are breed specific. Please call to get a better quote on your pet.

Kennel Cuts staring at $42.00
Puppy Cuts starting at  $47.00
Field Cuts starting at  $50.00
Cocker Cuts starting at $52.00
Schnauzer Cuts starting at $47.00

Nails $12.00

** Prices subject to change due to dogs coat condition like matting and dogs behavior like bitting. If you have any issues please let us know so we can be prepared.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

K9 TLC Home

507 385-0939
111 Butterworth Street Mankato, MN 56001

K9 TLC will be at the Moon Dogs!! Look for the us on the field.
Come by and have a great time.

Come Join Us
Katie, Maureen, Dawn, Amber Torrey

We offer Grooming, Training, Day Camp, Puppy Camp, Behavior Consulting and Boarding

Behavior Consulting
If you have a dog that has aggression (growling, snapping, biting) behavior consulting may be able to help. Contact us and we can offer help!


Training available for all dogs and puppies.
We offer a flexible training program. You and your dog may come to class as often as your level is offered.

Puppy socializing
For puppies 8-16 weeks
Great socializing, confidence building, very basic commands and handling exercises

Level 1
This is for all beginner dogs. Basic commands such as sit, down, stay, attention, walk nicely on lead, come etc.

Level 2
For all dogs that have completed Level 1, continuing to work on the basics and add lots of fun things like leave it, drop, proper greetings etc.

Level 3
Walk in the Park
We go on field trips to use our training skills in new places, around new smells, new environments and adventures.

We use only positive methods for training your dog
and puppies.
507-382-8477 for times


Great groomers available! Call today to set up your next grooming appointment.
We groom all breeds and all types of coats, offering field cuts, kennel cuts, puppy cuts, baths or just nail trims.

Grooming hour are Monday - Friday 8 am- 1:30pm
Katie, Dawn and Amber are taking grooming appointments Call 507-385-0939

Day Camp

Day Camp
Hours: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm close
Monday- Friday
Times can be extended upon request a small fee will be apply

Day Camp is great for dogs that need to get rid of extra energy. They get to go for walks while learning to walk nicely on leash. They learn sit and few other basic commands. We have a big indoor play area so they don’t get dirty as they play. We also have lots of toys.  Day camp is cage free, we do provide kennels for them to sleep in. To start Day Camp your dog must first attended a trial day. This is for us and the dog to get to know each other.


Call for more information on our programs 507-385-0939 or

videoScarlett is in day camp playing with tug-a jug she is working to get the treats out.